Whetstone Issue #4 is out!!!

Hey everyone! Whetstone just released issue #4. It’s available for free over here. https://whetstonemag.blogspot.com/2021/12/ I’m fortunate enough to have had a story included, entitled The Beast Mistress. Anyway, I love Whetstone, it’s a great revival for the S&S genre, it’s Discord is an awesome community, and I’ll forever carry the banner for them. Not justContinue reading “Whetstone Issue #4 is out!!!”

Do You Like Cosmic Horror?

Hey everyone! My friends over at Spiral Tower Press released their debut issue of their new magazine Witch House. A lot of crossover with Whestone writers, and obviously the same EIC. Check it out. (I’m not in it, so don’t worry, not just shilling my wares here.) https://witchhousemag.blogspot.com/2021/08/witch-house-issue-1-now-available.html So what did I think? Well firstContinue reading “Do You Like Cosmic Horror?”

Worlds Beyond Worlds

I recently reviewed another book for Spiral Tower. Check it out. https://spiraltowerpress.blogspot.com/2021/08/worlds-beyond-worlds-short-fiction-of.html I never really had much interest in reviewing..but I’ve found myself drawn to it recently. Anyways, can’t take full credit here. JRC the editor over at Spiral Tower helped crystallize and embellish my thoughts. I really do want to be a creator notContinue reading “Worlds Beyond Worlds”

Reject Irony, Embrace Sincerity

This will probably be a one off. It’s also going to be a disjointed ramble. However, I decided to give blogging a bit of a try. There’s a thread here, so bare with it. Maybe if anyone likes it, or it proves fruitful I’ll do more. Not really sure how useful writer’s blogs actually are…Continue reading “Reject Irony, Embrace Sincerity”

Whetstone Issue #3 Thoughts & Review

First, probably some minor spoilers here so be warned! Anyways, JT has dictated his thoughts on this third, and awesome, volume of Whetstone, which he had the privilege and pleasure of appearing in. Here is what he says…. Jasons’ forward is brief and a nice defense of the genre, and romanticism in general. His forwardsContinue reading “Whetstone Issue #3 Thoughts & Review”

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