Hi everyone, just an FYI my story ”Cerulean” was accepted by Cirsova for their 2022 calendar year. It will be published in the Fall issue. I created Roger Campbell-Thorn as an experiment to see if I could write a sword and planet story that was interchangeable enough with a sword and sorcery story to makeContinue reading “Cirsova”

Worlds Beyond Worlds

I recently reviewed another book for Spiral Tower. Check it out. I never really had much interest in reviewing..but I’ve found myself drawn to it recently. Anyways, can’t take full credit here. JRC the editor over at Spiral Tower helped crystallize and embellish my thoughts. I really do want to be a creator notContinue reading “Worlds Beyond Worlds”

Spiral Tower Press

FYI….I wrote a review of the Eye of Sounnu for Spiral Tower press. I’ve been enchanted with the book since I first read it last year. For those of you unfamiliar with Spiral Tower, that’s Jason Carney’s umbrella for his publishing. So Whetstone (which I’ve been in twice), Spiral Tower (which will be reviews) andContinue reading “Spiral Tower Press”

New Story Out!!!

Sorry this is probably the world’s worst blog…JT informed me to let you all know he’s got a story in the new released Whetstone #3. He also wants me to tell you he wrote a follow up, that he’ll either succeed in selling somewhere, or put up here for free at some point. Finally, he’llContinue reading “New Story Out!!!”

Another Story Sold!

Not sure if anyone reads this, but JTH sold another story to a free webzine. It will be out next month. I will post the link when it becomes available!


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